Oil Well


WKM, LLC is a W.K. Merriman company, and was initially formed in response to the continued growth in the Marcellus Shale Oil and Gas Exploration. Our focus is to supply products to companies completing and stimulating wells in the Northeast. While remaining fully dedicated to the oil and gas industry, we also have the capabilities to provide reliable sources of commodity chemicals used in water treatment facilities, steel production, chemical plants, the food industry, and mining operations.

Because we’ve been working in these industries for over 25 years as a part of W.K. Merriman Inc., we understand the importance of customer service, take a proactive approach to identifying the needs of our clients, and the emphasis of quick on-time deliveries.


The goal of WKM, LLC is to provide our clients with a reliable chemical source while focusing on building long-term, one-on-one customer relationships.

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